Change Log


Updated Sermon 18 with less idiocy and obvious mistakes.


Wow. Sermon 18 took me 3 months to write. At this rate, I'll be dead before I'm done here.

Well, the good news is that I'm significantly reducing the number of hobbies I try to support. Music and wargaming is out the window, for better or for worse.


Apparently I forgot to update this file when I uploaded Sermon 16. I'm only noticing now because I just uploaded Sermon 17. So hey, that's what I've been doing.


Sermon 15 is up. This one's got some seriously long comments in it. Sorry 'bout that.


Just a tiny update. I've converted the lessons over to PHP format, which makes updates a lot more consistent because there's less text to duplicate, and by extension, less chances to screw something up.

Unfortunately this also means that the lessons will load a tiny bit slower than they used to.

I've also uploaded the narrations for Sermons 01-14, so that little media player thing should be working now.


Well, it took me nearly three months to the day, but I finally put up Sermon 14. There's also a new feature to the site, a little secret I've dotted around the site for you to find. You can thank Qu1nlan for the real work.


A fresh round of upgrades to Sermon 09 and Sermon 13 after some very helpful suggestions by reddit user Cheydin.


Uploaded Sermon 13.


Went back and added a few lines to a few Sermons here and there, mostly to help tie together connections made in Sermon 13. Nothing Earth-shattering, really.


Sermon 12 finally sees the light of day. I'm uploading literally seconds after I've finished typing it up, so expect a few small unlogged updates to follow as the community finds little mistakes that snuck past me.


Sermon 11 is up. I'm not even going to bother to mention the number of tiny changes I made to other Sermons because they're far too small to make much of a difference.


Minor edits to Sermon 10. Like, you know, changing the title to "Sermon Ten" instead of "Sermon Eight." Durrrrrr...


Added Sermon 10, and made some additional edits to previous Sermons.


Changed some of the descriptions of Mantling in Sermon 06, having been reminded of a connection by someone in /tg/. Good on ya, Anon.


Happy new year! Sermon 09 is up. Expect minor changes to texts in previous sermons that are aren't worth mentioning here.


Uploaded Sermon 08. Minor alterations to other Lessons.


Changed a few mistakes in Sermon 05, which is not a great piece of work in general, I think.


At long last, Sermon 07. Additional Sermons are going to be slow going for the next few months as I work out some real life job stuff. Thanks for your patience.


Added Sermon 06. Made minor changes to some of the other Sermons, but nothing earth-shattering.


Fixed a bad tag in Sermon 03.


Sermon 05 is up. Some more changes to prevous sermons, as well as a global switch to gender-neutral pronouns.


Added Sermon 04, changed some layout here and there, updated the Index's layout in a few ways that amuse me but largely amount to nothing more than that. Also Sermons 1-3 got a few very minor changes and corrections in both layout and content.